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"To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of an artist"

- Robert Schumann

The motto of the Red Shield Brass Band is 'Spero per Musica' which literally translates as 'Hope through Music'. The group is of a composite nature, consisting of 28 avid musicians from across Chicagoland who join together to enjoy quality music making whilst delivering concerts within the local community. In April 2017, the group assembled for the first time by Major John Aren, performed at a rehabilitation center sharing a themed program on 'Music of the Cross'. This evocative and emotionally charged evening had a profound impact on the listener, musicians and was the catalyst in establishing this artistic group.

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It is a thrill to introduce the inaugural recording of the Red Shield Brass Band, Spero Per Musica (Hope through music). Music carefully chosen and applied with understanding can offer hope; it can reach both the mind and the heart even when words fail, it can touch the spirit and revitalize faith. We hope that this recording will fulfill all those goals and through the gift of music; excite, inspire and spiritually uplift the listener.

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